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API Integration For LeadPages And ActiveCampaign

LeadPages and ActiveCampaign API Integration

In a previous post we talked about how you could get LeadPages to talk to ActiveCampaign, using LeadPages' "Other - Copy/Paste" integration.

Today, LeadPages came out with API integration for LeadPages and ActiveCampaign. This API level integration makes it much, much easier to get signup information from your LeadPages and LeadBoxes to flow through into ActiveCampaign.

API integration, is a more elegant and automated, than the copy / paste work around that was previously available. It allows LeadPages to talk to ActiveCampaign behind the scenes and retrieve any forms and form settings that you have setup in ActiveCampaign.

Now when creating a LeadPages form or LeadBox, all you have to do is tell LeadPages which ActiveCampaign form you want to pass the information to and away it goes.


In this post I will show you how to set up this integration. Follow along step-by-step, it only needs to be set-up once. From that point forward LeadPages and ActiveCampaign should happily work and play well together automatically.

What you will need:

  1. Your LeadPages account login details.
  2. Your ActiveCampaign account login details.
  3. At least one list and one form setup in ActiveCampaign.
  4. A LeadPage or LeadBox set up and ready to go in LeadPages.

Login To Your LeadPages Account

Login to your LeadPages account and select the 'My Account' dropdown menu and choose 'Integrations'.

LeadPages account integrations


You will arrive at a list of possible Integrations to setup, choose 'ActiveCampaign'

LeadPages Integrations


Once you click on ActiveCampaign you will be taken to a screen that asks for your ActiveCampaign API URL and API Key.

LeadPages setup screen for the ActiveCampaign API information


Get Your ActiveCampaign API Keys

In a separate browser window, login to your ActiveCampaign account and navigate the user menu in the upper right of the screen. Then Choose 'Settings'.

ActiveCampaign settings menu


Then choose the API tab.

ActiveCampaign API tab


Then copy and paste the API URL and API key from ActiveCampaign into the corresponding boxes in the LeadPages integration screen shown above and click the 'Connect To ActiveCampaign. button to save the settings.




Setup Your Form in LeadPages

Open or create a LeadPage or LeadBox and select the form "Integration settings".



Then choose ActiveCampaign from the first dropdown menu and the ActiveCampaign form information you want to use from the second dropdown menu.

LeadPages form integration menus


Click 'Okay' at the bottom of the screen and you are in business. LeadPages should pull all the appropriate form field information across into LeadPages to allow you to build and style your LeadPages form as you wish.

Once the user hits submit, LeadPages should them pass the information it gathered, back to the appropriate place in ActiveCampaign.

If you have any automations that fire based on that form being submitted, that should now happen as well.

Obviously it is in your best interest to test it all before putting it in front of any customers.

If you have any questions please post them in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you out.


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