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ActiveCampaign Funnel Builder Blueprint
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Michaela Thiede

Michaela Thiede


This course should be obligatory after signing up for AC. I've learned a lot and the whole system makes much more sense now.

I thought it was just replacing lists with tags and I was terribly wrong.

Jose Cernuda

Jose Cernuda

Diving Instructor

Barry is a great instructor. He is very clear and easy to understand. Everything in this course is intelligently organised and easy to follow. The instructor takes you the by the hand and shows you how everything works.

This is a great course for anyone who wants to learn how to use ActiveCampaign to its fullest potential.

Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen


This training is a must if you start using Active Campaign. Active campaign is such a powerful tool but can seen daunting when you first get started. Taking this course was the best decision.

There is no way I would be using active campaign to its full potential without this course and I recommend it to everyone.

Vikram Anand - ActiveCampaign

Vikram Anand


This was an absolutely amazing course! Well structured, and packed to the brim with actionable content. I've learnt more about AC in two days than I would have in a week on my own.

It is an outstanding course, and highly recommended for a beginner to AC.

What You Will Get


Complicated concepts are broken down into small bite sized, easy to understand, video lessons you can refer back to again and again anytime you get stuck.


I don't just teach you how to use a piece of software. I show you how all the pieces fit together and why. 


I provide you with comprehensive guides and worksheets to get you started.  You need all the parts of a successful funnel, not just the software.


Everyone has questions. That is why you also get ongoing community support in our over 10,000 strong private Facebook group.


I know you want to get up and running quickly. That is why I have included shared automations to can import directly into your account. 


Lots of folks have trouble figuring out what to write in their emails. So I have included email templates to get you started

Get Started Today

ActiveCampaign is a very power tool for automating your marketing and your business.

But like any tool you have to know how to use it. I can go to the hardware store and get the best tools money can buy, but that doesn't mean I am a good builder, or even have a clue what I am doing.

That is why I created these courses, to give you the foundations on how to use this amazing tool to build yourself a marketing machine that almost runs itself

Know you need to implement marketing automation in your business, but don't know where to start?

That is exactly the way I felt 8 years ago when I started down that road.

So I have been there. I know exactly how you feel and I made this course just for you.

Do you feel like;

  • You know growing and engaging your list is important, but you just don't know where to start?
  • Overwhelmed by all the possibilities?
  • Wonder if 'this stuff' really works?
  • Feel like you are being left behind by 'smarter' marketers who get it?
  • Afraid to press the wrong button and make a big mistake?

Or maybe you know this marketing automation stuff works but;

  • You just don't know where to start
  • You aren't sure how tie all the pieces together
  • You aren't great at writing emails
  • Or you just want a bit of a head start implementing ActiveCampaign as quickly as possible 

Well, I felt that way too. In 2013 I set about putting some basic marketing automation into my business.

At first, I started with one of the 'big names' back then. However, that quickly failed.

It was too cumbersome, too slow, too complex and just overkill for the business. So I went looking for something that was a better fit.

That is when I found ActiveCampaign. It seemed too good to be true at first, affordable, easy to use, powerful.

So I threw myself into learning all there was to know about it.

But the problem was, there was nothing!
Hardly any documentation, no courses, no forums, no YouTube videos.

So, I set about learning everything I could. I became obsessed, and in 2014 the first version of this course was born, so I could share that knowledge with others struggling to implement this powerful tool.

Since then I have learned so much more, the training has been updated many times and thousands of successful students have taken the course, making it the best selling ActiveCampaign training online.


See How Easily You Can Get 
An ActiveCampaign Funnel Working For You.

What Past Students Have To Say


Highly recommend

Barry explains everything clearly so it's super easy to understand, even if you're a beginner. He goes into depth in each section but he also has a highly relevant and free podcast that has a ton of great educational information. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking at getting into using ActiveCampaign. You will be glad you did.

Simon Bernasconi

I didn't have any experience with email automation platforms but after completing the training I was more than confident to start using it for my clients. Whenever I had a difficulty using Active Campaign I Googled (as most of us would do) but ended up coming back to the training, and the answer was always there somehow. I have recommended this training to all my fellow marketers who use email marketing! WIN :)

I think it was that it had no more or no less information than I needed. I found it very much to the point. I loved your "Tag like a ninja" resource. I use your method now.

Nontas Karavias

Absolutely amazing course

This was an absolutely amazing course! Well structured, and packed to the brim with actionable content. I've learnt more about AC in two days than I would have in a week on my own. It is an outstanding course, and highly recommended for a beginner to AC.

Vikram Anand

This is the best manual for ActiveCampaign

I am a firm believer in "READ THE MANUAL" manual first. This is the best manual for ActiveCampaign. I am looking forward to an advanced version with more practical tips use-case scenarios and I hope it comes soon. Watching this course will save you tons of time in the future.

Lewis Yildirimturk - Marketer

Knows his stuff

The best place to start with marketing automation is right here..!! Barry knows his stuff and so will you.

Nathan Musson

In-depth instructions

Barry covers a lot of information about using the basic functions of Active Campaign and also gives in-depth instructions and explanations of how to use it effectively to automate marketing. I'll definitely go back through the information again and consider this a resource to refer back to as needed.

Lauri Wakefield

Automation for the win

This was a great intro to kick start my efforts into Active Campaign. Really excited to apply this work to my clients as well as my own business. Automation for the win.

Lauren Wade

Excellent course

Excellent course. Highly recommend if you are new to Active Campaign and want to be sure you have ticked the initial boxes to get yourself up and running quickly in a well thought out and structured way. Pitched at the right level for a new user, but also with some powerful practical user tips that only comes from an experienced user.

Jason Besters

Highly recommending to everyone

Very clear and informative. Highly recommending to everyone who wants to take their email marketing into marketing automation level! Barry Moore definitely knows what he is talking about in a way I can implement his advice, wisdom into my company. Thank you.

John Harvey - Coach

ActiveCampaign should pay you

Definitely recommend - some of it I already knew but I got a bunch of tidbits and ideas that are better I found out now - as I just started on Active Campaign for about a month now - Active Campaign should pay you!!!

Michael Michelini - Entrepreneur

Barry you are the man

Awesome course, I'm flying with AC now. Barry you are the man.

James Harte

I recommend it to everyone

This training is a must if you start using Active Campaign. Active campaign is such a powerful tool but can seem daunting when you first get started. Purchasing this course was the best decision. It gave me easy to follow instructions and tutorials on how to set up my active campaign platform and how to use it properly. There is no way I would be using active campaign to its full potential without this course and I recommend it to everyone.

The training on tagging is so powerful but needs to be done properly and I am now confident in using tags.

Jennifer Cohen

The best!

One of the best online courses I've taken.

Nicholas Scalice


I really enjoyed the course. Thank you Barry for making things easy for non - marketers like me :)

Barry's step by step training makes understanding Active Campaign so easy. He progresses slowly but surely through each lesson and before you know it - BOOM! You have understood the power of Active Campaign in its entirety.

Uday Gehani

Easy to implement

I found ActiveCampaign Quickstart to be invaluable. It made a process I felt a little daunted by (learning AC) so much faster and simpler than I had expected. I still return to the training when I need a refresher.

Professional, fluff-free, easy to implement. Having ActiveCampaign Quickstart certainly prompted me to take action swapping from my old provider to AC and that has been a great decision. Very grateful for your first class work here Barry.

Kate Galli

Excellent training

Excellent training. Took me from beginner to having several sites up on ActiveCampaign. Easy to follow and understand.

Steve Bailey

Cleared up a lot of confusion

This cleared up a lot of confusions I had based on use of the "old way" applications..and nightmare scenarios of merging lists and multiple databases...really like the Tag methodology!

Carol Montgomery

Well presented and easy to understand

Active Campaign seemed so overwhelming when I first start using it, I though I had made a big mistake and would not be able to implement everything it can do, but Barry's course broke down all of the details into easy to follow videos. Each video is clear and easy to follow and you can easily go back over different aspects of the training.

So well presented and easy to understand, even for someone who struggles with tech.

Michael Smith

Powerful tool

Very good course and giving you an overview of how powerful this tool is. I will recommend this course with the whole of my heart and am looking forward to the next more advanced course that is up coming!

Erik Martein

Highly recommended

I was a total beginner with ActiveCampaign and free YouTube video tutorials just weren't cutting it. Barry's training walks you through everything step-by-step so even non-technical people like myself can understand and be up and running very quickly. The day after watching all the videos, I imported my list from another email provider and set-up two automations that worked correctly on the first try. Oh, and it's really affordable too! Highly recommend.

The training was everything I needed to get started. Thanks!

Cheryl DeNeve

Thanks for the course!

This course should be obligatory after signing up for AC. I've learned a lot and the whole system makes much more sense now. I thought it was just replacing lists with tags and I was terribly wrong.

Michaela Thiede - Author

Very engaging

Very engaging and explains the topics in its simplest terms for people who are 1) starting to learning about the concept of Marketing Automation and/or 2) are considering to sign up with ActiveCampaign.

The step by step approach, each topic is very concise and clear and not too long.

Eleanor Chang

Top Marks!

Barry has done a great job creating this step-by-step course. Each lecture is well laid out, he speaks clearly and concisely, and the videos are very easy to follow. He has even updated the course to show changes that have been made to the software since he created this course. Top Marks!

Stephen Morgan - Web design, marketing

Easy to follow

Active Campaign is very overwhelming so this course was a must for me! Everything is covered and explained in a logical easy to understand way - I found it really easy to follow Barry's instructions and never felt lost.

Barry's method for using/organising/naming tags was super helpful. It made tagging so much easier to understand and I had tags set up easily.

Deb Parsonage

This course should be worth at least $100

I have finished no less than 50 course on Lynda, and about 15 courses on Udemy. I do not think I have ever written a raving review of a course like I did with this one.

This is by far the best course I bought. I watched the entire course (more than 42 videos) in less than 4 days. And I am a busy man. This course should be worth at least USD100. Don't get me wrong or get angry with me if the price is increased. In any case, my experience was more than great. I usually take at least a month to finish a course. Very useful. Almost with every video or chapter you want to jump and start practicing what the author preaches.

The whole idea of email marketing was great. If use Active Campaign, you may not find a better course.

Ahmed Balfaqih - Manager

I was doing it all wrong!

Great course. Glad I bought it; I was doing it all wrong!

Lee Cole

Excellent Overview

Excellent overview of what ActiveCampaign can do and how to get it working for you quickly. Saved me a lot of time, I was up and running in an hour or so. Barry is enthusiastic and a clear explainer.

Timothy Hyde - Speaker

Straightforward and powerful

Barry's course was thorough, straightforward and powerful. Without this terrific course trying to implement Active Campaign would be overwhelming. But Barry makes the complexity of Contacts, Lists, Tags, CRM, Campaigns, Automations, Pipelines understandable and easy to use.

Barry's pragmatic approach is oriented for the person or team that is serious about implementing powerful email marketing campaigns.

Bill Shepard

Very Well Structured

Barry's training is very well structured, covering both the building blocks of lists and tags and forms to more complicated concepts like automations, deals and integration with other SaaSs. Every time I dive back in, Barry seems to had added new modules or updated existing training, so it remains fresh and up-to-date.

The structure of the training is so well laid out that it's easy to start from the beginning and learn new things, even for an experienced user.

Stephen Morgan

Loved it

Great! just great!

Philip Zimmermann

Perfect pace

I just signed up with Active Campaign because this training was so good. Really well explained even for a total beginner. The pace is perfect and each module is easy to follow. This training is a good investment.

Jennifer Grainger

Definitely worth the investment.

Barry has clear audio, good screen recordings, and good teaching plan. You start form a lost newbie, and evolve into a confident mid range user. With this course you can fast track your use with Active Campaign, and make your business look professional from the get go. I used this course to orientate myself with AC and then use these skills to teach clients, in one on one training, which I charged for. Definitely worth the investment.

Chris La Nauze - Marketer

Super hepful

This was a very good introduction to Active Campaign. I found Barry's style easy to listen to and follow along as I began to implement his step by step process of setting up my first campaign. I look forward to updates and advanced training from Barry in the future.

The templates and guides for tagging and naming conventions were super helpful.

Chik Quintans

Great job.

Barry does a great job of breaking down all the essential functionality you'll need to know to start using Active Campaign properly. Coming from Aweber and MailChimp, there's a lot of options and going through this course has made me more confident about diving into the AC platform. Great job.

Darrell Evans

Think bigger

The switch from Aweber to Active Campaign was daunting, but with Barry's guidance and training, plus his meticulous skill at setting up and importing data, we hit the road running! Our business had reached a critical stage where we needed to automate our marketing flow, and Active Campaign was the obvious answer. But honestly, without Barry and the team at The Active Marketer, we would still be stuck in the world of 'lists' and limited possibilities. Now we view every sign-up as a contact–a real person–who we can talk to in so many different ways. Having Barry is there is also a key confidence factor for us to go ahead and think bigger, knowing he can help us implement if things get complex.

Graeme Taylor

Barry is a great instructor

Barry is a great instructor. He is very clear and easy to understand. Everything in this course is intelligently organized and easy to follow. The instructor takes you the by the hand and shows you how everything works. First he shows you the theory / strategic reasons for doing things and then he shows you the practical how-to using ActiveCampaign. This is a great course for anyone who wants to learn how to use ActiveCampaign to its fullest potential.

Jose Cernuda - Diving Instructor

Extremely helpful

I found Barry Moore's delivery of the Active Campaign training extremely helpful as someone who had to learn AC very quickly for a few of my clients. The course is easy to understand and execute when trying to put the pieces and parts together to what could be a frustrating, daunting experience on AC. I'm also very happy with the generous amount of material presented for the price in order to become functionally literate with AC.

I appreciated being told upfront how incredibly important it is to plan out tags first so I could handle doing simple and more pithy automations. Most of all I found the macro view and micro view of how the course is presented to be invaluable. I could have easily become a runaway train by following the more "choppy" tutorials in Active Campaign...this course is very progressive and step-by-step in the learning process with real-world tools like the tag spreadsheet and more links and downloads embedded in the course.

Nicole Maury

Learned a lot

As a newbie in Active Campaign and marketing automation, I learned a lot from this course. I'm excited to learn more from Barry so I'll be following him more and in future courses.

Robert William Magat

Save masses of time

Very effective way to get Active Campaign working for any business. Saves masses of time in figuring it out for yourself. Well presented in easy to follow instruction. Highly recommended.

Simon Ackland - Digital Marketer

Amazingly thorough, well-structured course.

This is an amazingly thorough, well-structured course. I recommend it for beginners and intermediate users. I have gone through it twice. The first time was when I was evaluating ActiveCampaign before switching to it. The second time was about six months after making the switch. It was even more helpful then because I was actually using ActiveCampaign. I liked the course so much that I assigned watching it to everyone on our team that was going to use ActiveCampaign.

I like how it is organized into sections. It is easy to find the topics I want to review. Explanations are clear. Lots of great examples.

Bob Golobish

So easy!

The step-by-step instructions are so clear, and easy to follow. Barry does a wonderful job of making something that is complicated, very easy to understand. Highly recommend this course!

Amy Boehnert - Marketing Consultant

I thought it was great. It was simple to follow, answered all my queries and was easy to navigate via clearly marked topics. Top job!

The simplicity of the layout. The ability to find answers to specific items I was looking for was so easy, and that makes a huge difference. Most courses give what the creator wants, this gave me what I wanted.

James Klobasa - Marketer

No longer struggling

This course is great. I was struggling to start using AC. Now it seems to be really good and pretty simple. Thank you Barry.

Ewelina Muc

Love the extra little "ninja tricks."

Information presented in a logical manner with clear, easy to understand explanations. Example scenarios help transfer the knowledge to real-life cases which in turn helps cement it in memory. Presentation is professional and pleasant to watch/listen to. Love the extra little "ninja tricks." Well worth the cost of the course.

Rachel Swan - Entrepreneur

Thank you

Barry Moore, you have done a fabulous job with putting this course together. You've made it easy to see the full potential of Active Campaign, and I am very grateful for you creating this course. Thank you.


Course Content

scenario overview

In this section we discuss:

  • The funnel strategy to take a new contact from opt-in to to upsell, to purchase, to post-purchase / onboarding
  • The four automations we are going to build and how they work together
  • How to import the automations into your account

lead magnet strategy

In this section we cover:

  • How to come up with a compelling lead magnet / opt-in offer 
  • The 6S strategy for creating a lead magnet
  • Customer avatar worksheet
  • Lead magnet creation worksheet

automations overview

We cover the very important topic automation design inside of ActiveCampaign:

  • How to use shared automations
  • Automation design
  • There is no 'right' answer
  • Automation triggers
  • Automation actions

THE upsell Funnel 

The funnel consists of four automations that work together to guide a contact from new opt-in to upsell, to purchase, to post-purchase and onboarding and finally to testimonials or referrals. . We discuss:

  • The opt-in automation
  • The upsell automation
  • The post-purchase automation
  • The onboarding automation
  • Plus three automations to track engagement 

testing and troubleshooting

How to test and troubleshoot your automations. I discuss:

  • Common mistakes
  • Triggers - once vs. multiple triggers
  • Behaviours when using multiple triggers
  • How to add test accounts to an automation
  • How to follow a contacts journey through an automation
  • How to skip 'wait' steps to test your automations more quickly

organising your automations

Learn to organise your automations. I discuss

  • Naming convention
  • Grouping related automations together
  • Using labels
  • Using filters
  • Using the automation map

GOAL and reporting

Learn to track and report on your success, but more importantly use that information to tweak your messaging:

  • How to use ActiveCampaign goals
  • How to use ActiveCampaign reporting


One of the real benefits of ActiveCampaign is its ease of integration with other products. In this section I discuss:

  • API integration
  • 3rd party integration services
  • Direct real time sync
  • Integration levels
  • API keys
Free ActiveCampaign training course

If you are tired of missing sales opportunities, chasing leads only to let someone else fall through the cracks then it is time to put some intelligent sales and marketing automation to work in your business. 

ActiveCampaign is a ridiculously powerful yet affordable tool to put your follow up and sales on autopilot, but it can also be intimidating for a new user to try and harness all that power. 

This course is designed to take you from zero to functioning sales funnel in no time. The course has been refined and updated over the last 6 years with improvements, new features and feedback from thousands of successful students. 


All together you will have access to over 50 short, easily consumable, videos, plus guides, templates, well documented automations and downloadable email swipe files....

there simply is no quicker way to get up and running with ActiveCampaign, period.


Enrol Now To Master ActiveCampaign


But wait there's more....

Sorry, I couldn't resist. There are no free steak knives included or anything cheesy like that, but I do have some added bonuses for you.  Have a look what else you get when you buy my ActiveCampaign training course. 

CRM Course
Powerful Workflow Management

Some plans include ActiveCampaign's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality.

This can be a powerful way to not only track your interactions with customers, but also track and manage any workflow you may have inside your business. 

Your ActiveCampaign training also comes with access to our bonus four module CRM mini-course.

Zapier Mini Course
The Glue Of The Internet

Chances are at some point you are going to want to get ActiveCampaign to talk to some other system that you use like, Stripe or ClickFunnels or Facebook.

Well Zapier is the service you are probably going to use to make that happen. 

So our bestselling ActiveCampaign training course also comes with access to our Zapier mini-course to get you started with using Zapier to connect all your apps.

30 DAY Roadmap

Once you are comfortable with ActiveCampaign and ready to go, you may need to migrate away from your existing system like AWeber or Mailchimp.

So I put together an easy to follow 30 day quick start roadmap to get you up and running on ActiveCampaign, and get your website cut over to the new system, without dropping the ball on any new subscribers.

Just a few minutes a day will be enough to follow this plan to a seamless switchover. 

Who Is Teaching The Course?
Barry Moore

Barry is an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant (the very first one in fact), entrepreneur, aviator and former eCommerce and technology executive, with over 20 years experience selling online and he has been using ActiveCampaign since the very beginning.

Barry is also a published author, presenter and host of "The Active Marketer" podcast, a show dedicated to helping small business owners take control of their online presence, build their brand and automate their business.

BArry J. Moore - ActiveCampaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to up their email marketing and marketing automation game using ActiveCampaign.

No experience necessary. If you have been using something like Mailchimp or AWeber you will be just fine. 

Even if you have no exposure to email marketing at all, don't worry I take you through the whole thing. 

What if I get stuck?

Don't worry, you won't be the first person that needs a little help along the way and you won't be the last. 

That is why I created the 'Automation Nation' facebook group, to help you on your continuing journey to becoming an automation rock star.

Plus you can always send an email to support@the"

Can You Just Do It For Me?

Well the general idea is that I help you become an automation rock star.

However if you are pressed for time and would like your account set-up exactly as laid out in the course, yes we can do that. 

Just contact

What If It Is Not For Me?

No worries, things don't always work out.

If you don't think you are getting value for money out of the course, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

No hassle and no hard feelings.

Is There More Training I Can Buy?

There is some more advanced training that I am currently updating and re-recording. If you would like to know when that is available. Just join the mailing list over at

Who Is This NOT Course For?

Advanced marketers who have been using ActiveCampaign for years.

If you are an experienced ActiveCampaign user and know all the ins and out and are looking for some magic button, this course is not for you. 

However we do have some more advanced training on the way. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

When you join this course you are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't feel like you have received value or it is just not for you and you decide you want to cancel in the first 30 days, just let me know and I will promptly refund your money.

No bullshit clauses or hoops to jump through and no hard feelings.


Enrol Now To Master ActiveCampaign