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TAM 008: Tactical 20 – The ActiveCampaign Action List Concept

ActiveCampaign Action List Concept

We try a new format this week for episode 8. This week is a "Tactical 20" tip.

The "Tactical 20" format is all about a tip, technique or work around, that is short, sharp and you can implement in your business in 20 minutes or less.

This week we talk about a concept I call an ACTION list. An action list, is a technique I use to work around the limitations some other programs impose on ActiveCampaign via API integrations.

Some other programs that connect with ActiveCampaign via the API only allow you to specify a List for your contact to join. This limitation is more a poor implementation of the API than a limitation of ActiveCampaign.

Basically, you create an empty list to tag and process that inbound contact and then add them to your main list once they have been appropriately tagged and added to any automations.

ActiveCampaign Action List demo

ActiveCampaign Automation

Note: Some people have speculated that 'unsubscribing' people from a list like this, might hurt your sender score or reputation because it is seen my ActiveCampaign as a customer initiated unsubscribe.

Straight from the CEO's mouth, well keyboard anyway.


ActiveCampaign Automation

Topics Covered

  • Create an empty ACTION List
  • The new contact gets subscribed to that ACTION list via the third party API
  • An Automation fires based on that new subscription
  • Tag the new contact as appropriate
  • Perform any other actions you need to for that new contact
  • Add them to your Main list
  • Remove them from your ACTION list.

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